What Girls Want (Advice)

            Nowadays it seems like guys are asking "what women want"? I mean let’s face it the opposite sex is always confusing no matter how you look at it. So who do you turn to for advice is an even bigger question? Most of us just refuse to go to our parents because it’s completely embarrassing. Do we turn to a celebrity magazine for their opinions? Um not a good idea when half of them turn out to be divorced a week to a few months later, then there’s the best friend you want to turn to, always there to give you this “so called good advice” but half of them don’t follow their own advice, so why should you? So with that said I’m going to give you my Top 10 things women really want in a guy.

1. When approaching a girl, please don’t come up to us with some cheesy pick up line. This doesn’t work and most of the times we’re just going to look at you like you’re some kind of pig. Be yourself, we much rather have you feel a bit shy and just start a normal conversation with us.

2. When you see a girl walking down the street, don’t whistle at us. We aren’t dogs we are ladies.

3. When asking a girl out for the first night, don’t take them to a club, a bar, or to the movies. Plan an intimate date where you both can talk and get to know each other. I mean how can you talk over all that noise or not be able to talk at all through a movie. Good ideas would be a nice dinner, picnic, or a walk.

4. Don’t get too personal on the first date either. This is a huge No No! We don’t want to hear endless stories of why your last relationship didn’t work or how much you hate your ex. If we ask what happened please keep it simple.

5. After the first date walk the girl to her door to be polite, not because you think you’re going to get laid. If you like her and would like to see her again, kiss her and let her know you would love to see her again.

6. If you went out with a girl and you just weren’t feeling her, Please don’t tell her you will call her and then not call her. Don’t waste her time, just tell her thanks and goodbye and leave it at that.

7. Don’t be a cocky douche bag. Most of the time girls don’t want a guy like that and if a girl does, she’s probably just as cocky and just as high maintenance.

8. After seeing a girl for a while don’t expect her to give up all her guy friends unless you’re willing to give up all your girlfriends. Girls can have friends of the opposite sex just like you. If you both have an issue with it, then neither one of you should be trying to get into a relationship if there is no trust right from the start.

9. Don’t smother us. Girls like their independence just as much as you do. Most girls are going to find you to needy and think you can’t do anything on your own. Sure a lot of guys want a girl that will take care of them but we also want a guy that can do some of these things are their own.

10. My top 10 rule is please be yourself, don’t put on an act just to get the girl. Stay true to who you really are, don’t be completely different around your guy friends. That’s just going to show us you’re basically ashamed of the relationship you have. Girls want a guy that isn’t ashamed to hold their girls hand in public, or kiss them. If you aren’t the same as you are when your friends are around or when you’re out in public it’s just going to make us think you have something to hide.


These to me are the Top 10 things that girls want and don’t want. I mean I could go on and on with this, but that isn’t really a good thing either. Girls with list are too high maintenance. These are basic rules to get the girl and keep the girl. If she has a list that's a mile long, she’s most likely eliminating a guy that could potentially be great for her. A guy doesn’t want a rule book he just wants a girl that will accept them for who they are. You can’t change a man, you love them for who they are or you don’t love them at all. So girls put that mile long list down and forget every little detail, no man is perfect but there is always a perfect man for you. Accept and love their nerdy little ways, because if you get the guy he’s going to love all your cute little nerdy ways as well. That’s what love is all about. Someone that loves every little detail about you, someone that’s there through all the rough spots and doesn’t walk away when things get hard. Girls take my advice, nowadays a guy wants a girl that isn’t self-absorbed. Don’t be afraid to have the guy see you in sweats with your hair down and make-up off. Sometimes they find that just as sexy. If they don’t then again they don’t love the real you. Take care of them. Let them know you would do anything for them. Let’s face it all guys want that security knowing they have someone that can take care of them, future kids and run the house. Don’t talk about marriage and kids so early on in the relationship because you’re just going to scare them off. When they are ready trust me they will ask you. Guys be yourself, most girls nowadays just want a guy that will love her for being herself. A guy that lets a girl know she is always on his mind even when they aren’t together. Let the girl know you are there through thick and thin, just like she lets you know she’s not going anywhere. Girls want security and love. that’s really about it.